This litter was born on September 9, and then there was time away to fish, then the vet we usually have come to the homestead to castrate piglets was not available…….and my tummy filled with butterflies – I was going to have to castrate them, and they have been growing faster than previous litters since there was only 6.  Deep breaths.  The last time I tried this homestead chore it went poorly and I got completely overwhelmed, mostly because that litter had 7 males!

My dear husband assured that I would have a strong helper.  and I did it.  we did it.  Short lived anxiety for all parties involved, but within the hour they were back to eating and playing, rooting for acorns then napping after the rain.  Oh, yeah, it was raining when we did this and forecast to rain the whole day.  As soon as we were done the clouds broke and blue sky returned – whatever weather man!!


When living in a tin can even the simplest of chores can prove a time suck and exercise in frustration.


Does the look like 90 min of effort?  I do not think it does, but I can tell you making a bed in a cab over camper is HARD!

And that time mark is not inclusive of the 30 min spent looking for the entire flannel sheet set.  The pillow cases were not with the sheets, and I have no explanation for how that even even happened. Like most things on the farm there is a season shift and sure enough it is time for a season change – summer sheets to winter sheets.  My husband is a dear and hooked up the propane dryer so I can keep up with the laundry even if the weather is not helpful in terms of line drying.  Red neck laundry service set up in a barn 🙂  #tincanliving at its best!

On the homestead side of things piglets were weaned today!  Neither party involved cared for the first few hours, then the sow got uncomfortable and the piglets wanted to cuddle.  Having the LGD spend the night with them will help, since she has been with them since they were born. 

Last night the coyotes would not SHUT UP  and we expect the same tonight.  They were making so much racket I walked the perimeter just to make my presence known and they moved on.  They come back though.  The Bryn dog was not barking and the pigs were ignoring them so I went back to bed.

Here’s to a quiet night!

#tincanliving – new rule for Tin Can Living

Just because a shirt was hung in the “closet” on a hanger, does not make it clean!

My husband pulled out a nice collared shirt and on the back was a triplex muddobbershelter – icky!

Our closet is currently a pole strung across a storage room in the barn, it does have a door. Apparently the door was open long enough at some point in time for a mud dobber to build a triplex, or for three of them to get together and build a triple wide.

Self explanatory

The KING FIRE is estimated for full containment 10/4/14 – thanks to the rain that washed the top of my camper and woke me up, the rain drops on the roof were so close in my dreams they were on my forehead!!!

Things that were “undercover” may in-fact have not been, so wet shoes and wet dinner tables and  wet papertowel rolls, and a salt shaker totally contaminated with dust/mud/rain ick…….ugh…..

Piglets are also enjoying the damp 🙂  6 learning how to root out acorns!

Enjoy  FALL!!!!!!

I know I am a red neck.  I was willing to roust myself and my son out of bed to go skunk hunting after one sprayed on the other side of the barn from campsite #1 Thankfully none of the dogs was a direct hit recipient, just the area about 100 ft away – ick!

My boy is a really good shot!

#tincanliving – campers don’t close up tight enough to prevent the detection of skunk stench

Smokey morning

Smokey morning

Pyrocumulus from the King Fire

Pyrocumulus from the King Fire


Drought and forestry practices collide and result in catastrophe.


#tincanliving – no way to keep the smoke out of the camper(s)

#tincanliving – dust, it gets into every compartment both interior and exterior

The big house remodel has officially transitioned to “construction mode” – footings for new and improved foundation stem walls were dug today.  I had no idea I could get so excited about a ditch.  Are pictures of a ditch exciting to the few who read my online musings?  I figured not, there is just nothing to look at yet.

#tincanliving – making the bed in a cab-over camper is a full body work out

Today I had some time in the car to let my mind wander about… did not make it far.

#tincanliving – there is no dark, cool place in a 5th wheel trailer to store anything pantry style

Our fire season is well underway and so far local fire count is up!  Currently south county line is a blaze – very rural with many home steads and many head livestock.  Prayers please………evacuations ordered, structures lost, evacuation centers available for beasts as well.

NWS, CHP, EOS, KCRA, CALFIRE all have twitter feeds available with current info.

Looking forward to winter!

Summer, school is out, days are long, and with enough planning my family made it to a reunion!

This means that the homestead and construction site are left behind to be minded by others for a few days (which I just have to have faith about). The vacation view is below, see – no PIGS!

Leaving the care of our animals is always something I fret over, but have realized that if I schedule time away during the non exciting times of year, things go great!  This means I plan excitement for non vacation season 🙂   We do  not take vacation over a farrowing date, or weaning date, but other than that all there is to do is feed twice a day!

The garden can be more of a challenge as I know I will miss out on some harvest of goodies if left for a week, but this year I have not a garden to tend, so no issues there.  We are fortunate to have  a family member really close that like to have these daily tasks while we are away. 

The construction site is no concern at all – the state of demolition simply will be on pause until we start smashing things apart again.  It can mind or ignore itself with no concern.  Though I will say that a lakeside vacation house absolutely beats the #tincanliving we have been doing so far this summer!

I think I will start a new category about living in a mini trailer park during this major remodel as I get the full experience of #tincanliving I am changing my perspective of what it would be like to bug-out in a tin can and then live in it.  Short term camping style in the summer is not the same.

Lake cruises, fishing, time with cousins and aunties and uncles, mountain beauty and afternoon thunderstorms – I wish I could have beautiful pictures of it all, but just not that gifted.  So instead, am storing this experience as lots of intentional memories, and basking in the commonness of family.  I was amazed how many odd little things are shared with my relatives that make sense when I am with them, and the rest of the time are just weird. 


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