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I am no longer sleeping in a camper!

The main house is still waiting for some finishing touches, like a kitchen.

But I am all in with a clean bed and a functional master bath.


When camping for long periods follow this advice:

#1 wash it before use
Flies have landed on it and an ear wig or more has shit on it And it is covered in a layer of super find dust

#2 wash it as soon as use is complete
A pile of dirty dishes will attract every
speci of fly and meat bee anywhere near


Well, the transition has been complete. The pigs are all sold or processed to the freezer. The flock of laying hens has been reduced 50%. The cats have been rehomed. We are left with only the garden, the orchard, a few hens and the pet dogs.

The TwinSprings Homestead has transitioned to A Formal Campsite, though a glamourous one. I am a full time camper. I have fully embraced the #campinglifestyle for a year now as we continue to rebuild/repair/remodel the dwelling on the property.

Living in a campsite, with a cabover camper as a bedroom is really getting familiar, and though I continue to complain about how hard it is to make the bed, really all I gripe about are inconveniences only.

Going forward – post on space, organization, and methods to keep a resilient mind!


New spot out in the oaks on a really steep hill.  This is her 4th litter and the first time she has gone out to the “bush” to farrow.

Every time the stripes get me to smile!


Tonight the clocks will chime and magically a new year with a bunch of to do about reading time and marking the passing of it with HUGE and TINY celebrations of it.  We are not much into the part scene for New Year’s traditions and this time around our festivities are gonna go like this.

wake up to frozen water supplies to the campers since the low overnight was in the twenties all night
wait for the thaw to see what failed (fancy way to say find the broken water lines and fixtures)
trip to town with giant list of plumbing parts
complete repairs and make preparation for 2 more night of mighty cold temps

wake up to frozen everything
spit a pig for a day of roasting and a giant bonfire gets built so we can stand to be outside with the pig and all the folks that said they will come help us eat it!
really really hoping that no additional repairs are needed as the stores will be closed for the Holiday!!

In general I blame Disney for giving “Frozen” such a warm reception and distortion of the word’s definition!

Bring it ON 2015!

Several years ago I came across Paul Wheaton, and his permaculture empire ( and this is one of the first things I read.

I appreciated the logic, but heated with a wood stove that DID HEAT THE WHOLE HOUSE, and had not lived in an electric heat house for more than 20 years.

Paul is right – heat the person not the space.  Not only can this approach reduce out of pocket costs, but also sanity!  I am colder than anyone else in any room in any crowd in any conditions.  This means I am almost always cold or chilled in the winter and sometimes even in the summer.

I have previously shared that we are currently #tincanliving – no wood stove here.  So, I revisited the article, and also as shared previously pursued the acquisition of an electric blanket!

It has been acquired and used for a week and I wonder why it took me so long! 

Even watching football this weekend I am thinking that an electric throw will be my next item to endure the rest of this winter with no wood stove to heat with.  Sitting still in a 60 degree room just means I get cold!

Just for the record since I share so much here, the mattress in the #tincanliving master suite has been replaced with a  Tempurpedic bed and that has made a difference in our comfort as well 🙂 

Looking forward to a cozy comfy night, though the storm will rage on the outside!

The time change has come again, and now my chores will happen in the dark.  I needed at least one way to make chores more efficient.  I brought the self feeder out for the little pigs.  I generally do not use it as it it not up to the task of standing up to the enthusiasm of the big pigs and I do not like fee choice feeding for the breeding stock.  There is no reason my sows and boar need to weigh in around 800+pounds!

The little ones spent the afternoon learning how to flip the lid up and on several occasions all 3 managed to get head and front feet in it.

The big pigs still will be feed by hand daily, but the chickens are going over to a self feeder too!

With the nice weather I have been reclaiming the garden from the weeds, and found some volunteer potatoes so I am off to set up row covers.
We still have 2 piglets of this litter for sale if you are interested and in the El Dorado County CA area 🙂

This litter was born on September 9, and then there was time away to fish, then the vet we usually have come to the homestead to castrate piglets was not available…….and my tummy filled with butterflies – I was going to have to castrate them, and they have been growing faster than previous litters since there was only 6.  Deep breaths.  The last time I tried this homestead chore it went poorly and I got completely overwhelmed, mostly because that litter had 7 males!

My dear husband assured that I would have a strong helper.  and I did it.  we did it.  Short lived anxiety for all parties involved, but within the hour they were back to eating and playing, rooting for acorns then napping after the rain.  Oh, yeah, it was raining when we did this and forecast to rain the whole day.  As soon as we were done the clouds broke and blue sky returned – whatever weather man!!


When living in a tin can even the simplest of chores can prove a time suck and exercise in frustration.


Does the look like 90 min of effort?  I do not think it does, but I can tell you making a bed in a cab over camper is HARD!

And that time mark is not inclusive of the 30 min spent looking for the entire flannel sheet set.  The pillow cases were not with the sheets, and I have no explanation for how that even even happened. Like most things on the farm there is a season shift and sure enough it is time for a season change – summer sheets to winter sheets.  My husband is a dear and hooked up the propane dryer so I can keep up with the laundry even if the weather is not helpful in terms of line drying.  Red neck laundry service set up in a barn 🙂  #tincanliving at its best!

On the homestead side of things piglets were weaned today!  Neither party involved cared for the first few hours, then the sow got uncomfortable and the piglets wanted to cuddle.  Having the LGD spend the night with them will help, since she has been with them since they were born. 

Last night the coyotes would not SHUT UP  and we expect the same tonight.  They were making so much racket I walked the perimeter just to make my presence known and they moved on.  They come back though.  The Bryn dog was not barking and the pigs were ignoring them so I went back to bed.

Here’s to a quiet night!

The big house remodel has officially transitioned to “construction mode” – footings for new and improved foundation stem walls were dug today.  I had no idea I could get so excited about a ditch.  Are pictures of a ditch exciting to the few who read my online musings?  I figured not, there is just nothing to look at yet.

#tincanliving – making the bed in a cab-over camper is a full body work out

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