Tonight the clocks will chime and magically a new year with a bunch of to do about reading time and marking the passing of it with HUGE and TINY celebrations of it.  We are not much into the part scene for New Year’s traditions and this time around our festivities are gonna go like this.

wake up to frozen water supplies to the campers since the low overnight was in the twenties all night
wait for the thaw to see what failed (fancy way to say find the broken water lines and fixtures)
trip to town with giant list of plumbing parts
complete repairs and make preparation for 2 more night of mighty cold temps

wake up to frozen everything
spit a pig for a day of roasting and a giant bonfire gets built so we can stand to be outside with the pig and all the folks that said they will come help us eat it!
really really hoping that no additional repairs are needed as the stores will be closed for the Holiday!!

In general I blame Disney for giving “Frozen” such a warm reception and distortion of the word’s definition!

Bring it ON 2015!