Several years ago I came across Paul Wheaton, and his permaculture empire ( and this is one of the first things I read.

I appreciated the logic, but heated with a wood stove that DID HEAT THE WHOLE HOUSE, and had not lived in an electric heat house for more than 20 years.

Paul is right – heat the person not the space.  Not only can this approach reduce out of pocket costs, but also sanity!  I am colder than anyone else in any room in any crowd in any conditions.  This means I am almost always cold or chilled in the winter and sometimes even in the summer.

I have previously shared that we are currently #tincanliving – no wood stove here.  So, I revisited the article, and also as shared previously pursued the acquisition of an electric blanket!

It has been acquired and used for a week and I wonder why it took me so long! 

Even watching football this weekend I am thinking that an electric throw will be my next item to endure the rest of this winter with no wood stove to heat with.  Sitting still in a 60 degree room just means I get cold!

Just for the record since I share so much here, the mattress in the #tincanliving master suite has been replaced with a  Tempurpedic bed and that has made a difference in our comfort as well 🙂 

Looking forward to a cozy comfy night, though the storm will rage on the outside!