The time change has come again, and now my chores will happen in the dark.  I needed at least one way to make chores more efficient.  I brought the self feeder out for the little pigs.  I generally do not use it as it it not up to the task of standing up to the enthusiasm of the big pigs and I do not like fee choice feeding for the breeding stock.  There is no reason my sows and boar need to weigh in around 800+pounds!

The little ones spent the afternoon learning how to flip the lid up and on several occasions all 3 managed to get head and front feet in it.

The big pigs still will be feed by hand daily, but the chickens are going over to a self feeder too!

With the nice weather I have been reclaiming the garden from the weeds, and found some volunteer potatoes so I am off to set up row covers.
We still have 2 piglets of this litter for sale if you are interested and in the El Dorado County CA area 🙂