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Several years ago I came across Paul Wheaton, and his permaculture empire ( and this is one of the first things I read.

I appreciated the logic, but heated with a wood stove that DID HEAT THE WHOLE HOUSE, and had not lived in an electric heat house for more than 20 years.

Paul is right – heat the person not the space.  Not only can this approach reduce out of pocket costs, but also sanity!  I am colder than anyone else in any room in any crowd in any conditions.  This means I am almost always cold or chilled in the winter and sometimes even in the summer.

I have previously shared that we are currently #tincanliving – no wood stove here.  So, I revisited the article, and also as shared previously pursued the acquisition of an electric blanket!

It has been acquired and used for a week and I wonder why it took me so long! 

Even watching football this weekend I am thinking that an electric throw will be my next item to endure the rest of this winter with no wood stove to heat with.  Sitting still in a 60 degree room just means I get cold!

Just for the record since I share so much here, the mattress in the #tincanliving master suite has been replaced with a  Tempurpedic bed and that has made a difference in our comfort as well 🙂 

Looking forward to a cozy comfy night, though the storm will rage on the outside!



Wet weather is no fun, I know our water table and surface storage needs to be recharged by the rain, but it makes RV living wet on the inside too.

CONDENSATION IS NOT MY FRIEND!!!! Getting an electric blanket so we can run the propane heater less, and shopping for a dehumidifier. Waking up with a wet ceiling is just gross. No different then a tent – all that breathing all night long.

And space saving ideas are a constant pursuit.
I did have a novel solution (I thought) for doing the dishes and extending counter space – make the sink work harder. I use mini basins I got at the dollar store, and a wire rack that fits. Another way to extend counter space it to use cutting boards that span the sink.



Trying to keep a positive attitude – short days and gray weather are not helping, sharing does 🙂




The time change has come again, and now my chores will happen in the dark.  I needed at least one way to make chores more efficient.  I brought the self feeder out for the little pigs.  I generally do not use it as it it not up to the task of standing up to the enthusiasm of the big pigs and I do not like fee choice feeding for the breeding stock.  There is no reason my sows and boar need to weigh in around 800+pounds!

The little ones spent the afternoon learning how to flip the lid up and on several occasions all 3 managed to get head and front feet in it.

The big pigs still will be feed by hand daily, but the chickens are going over to a self feeder too!

With the nice weather I have been reclaiming the garden from the weeds, and found some volunteer potatoes so I am off to set up row covers.
We still have 2 piglets of this litter for sale if you are interested and in the El Dorado County CA area 🙂

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