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Self explanatory

The KING FIRE is estimated for full containment 10/4/14 – thanks to the rain that washed the top of my camper and woke me up, the rain drops on the roof were so close in my dreams they were on my forehead!!!

Things that were “undercover” may in-fact have not been, so wet shoes and wet dinner tables and  wet papertowel rolls, and a salt shaker totally contaminated with dust/mud/rain ick…….ugh…..

Piglets are also enjoying the damp 🙂  6 learning how to root out acorns!

Enjoy  FALL!!!!!!


I know I am a red neck.  I was willing to roust myself and my son out of bed to go skunk hunting after one sprayed on the other side of the barn from campsite #1 Thankfully none of the dogs was a direct hit recipient, just the area about 100 ft away – ick!

My boy is a really good shot!

#tincanliving – campers don’t close up tight enough to prevent the detection of skunk stench

Smokey morning

Smokey morning

Pyrocumulus from the King Fire

Pyrocumulus from the King Fire


Drought and forestry practices collide and result in catastrophe.


#tincanliving – no way to keep the smoke out of the camper(s)

#tincanliving – dust, it gets into every compartment both interior and exterior

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