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Our fire season is well underway and so far local fire count is up!  Currently south county line is a blaze – very rural with many home steads and many head livestock.  Prayers please………evacuations ordered, structures lost, evacuation centers available for beasts as well.

NWS, CHP, EOS, KCRA, CALFIRE all have twitter feeds available with current info.

Looking forward to winter!


Summer, school is out, days are long, and with enough planning my family made it to a reunion!

This means that the homestead and construction site are left behind to be minded by others for a few days (which I just have to have faith about). The vacation view is below, see – no PIGS!

Leaving the care of our animals is always something I fret over, but have realized that if I schedule time away during the non exciting times of year, things go great!  This means I plan excitement for non vacation season 🙂   We do  not take vacation over a farrowing date, or weaning date, but other than that all there is to do is feed twice a day!

The garden can be more of a challenge as I know I will miss out on some harvest of goodies if left for a week, but this year I have not a garden to tend, so no issues there.  We are fortunate to have  a family member really close that like to have these daily tasks while we are away. 

The construction site is no concern at all – the state of demolition simply will be on pause until we start smashing things apart again.  It can mind or ignore itself with no concern.  Though I will say that a lakeside vacation house absolutely beats the #tincanliving we have been doing so far this summer!

I think I will start a new category about living in a mini trailer park during this major remodel as I get the full experience of #tincanliving I am changing my perspective of what it would be like to bug-out in a tin can and then live in it.  Short term camping style in the summer is not the same.

Lake cruises, fishing, time with cousins and aunties and uncles, mountain beauty and afternoon thunderstorms – I wish I could have beautiful pictures of it all, but just not that gifted.  So instead, am storing this experience as lots of intentional memories, and basking in the commonness of family.  I was amazed how many odd little things are shared with my relatives that make sense when I am with them, and the rest of the time are just weird. 



The sun has fallen past the horizon and the heat of the day has faded. Currently in the 80s much more comfortable than the 105 earlier.

The dogs like to sit on this high ground and watch. One of our 2 springs is there at the base of the oak trees (12 o`clock) and the wildlife will come by for a drink.

Good night to all!


Weather for Placerville, CA, brought to you by Weather Underground:

Summer heat means we are all hiding!

The dogs are in the shade, the pigs are in the wallow and we are in the  camper with the AC on HIGH!

Not much progress being made on the major remodel in these conditions, making me fully realize that I will be spending this winter #tincanliving, and I am sure to be complaining about the cold.  I can only imagine the lengths we will have to go to in order to winterize!

I really hope cooler weather moves in a few weeks from now for our sow to pig!

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