I realized it has been some time since posting a status update and event I wanted to share that I recall being “very recent” was indeed a month ago!

We managed to have a day off, together, and celebrated a big birthday in the family with an entire day sitting lakeside and eating a cured, smoked ham that had previously been one of our hogs.

It was delicious!!!!

Pulling up to the homestead at the end of the day, we were greeted by 2 pigs, where there was only supposed to be one!!!!!

Our sow had come into heat and was very motivated while we were away to dig under a hot wire fence and spend some time alone with Jack!

My biggest fear was that it was almost dark and there was a damaged fence, but no just a giant hole.  We separated them with food (proving other appetites were satisfied???) and put her back on her side and parked a kubota L48 tractor with a 7 foot gannon box on top of the hole, using it as the “fence” over night.

The following morning I sped off to the local feed/hardware store to get supplies to “improve” the distance of the hot wire so that each corner now acted as a redirect away from the fence line.

As a result of this unscheduled pig love fest I will have a litter available in mid September 2014.  The plan had been to breed both sows in October/November for a spring litter so to do that I will be weaning a little earlier than our practice of 8 weeks.  This week we have been observing her closely and she is already changing shape – bred sow…….

The challenge with this timing is that we are not, no one really is, interested in raising hogs over winter šŸ˜¦

Look for details coming in August to reserve a boar, guilt, or grower (Tamworth * Large Black Hog)