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The ladies of the back pasture. Bryn the LGD with her charges, Ghirlie (has the dark dorsal stripe) and Red Ghirl.  I have not yet seen them go for a swim, but if we get more rain and a warm spell they just may.  


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Thank you to all of our buyers who bought this year’s litter!  All of the market pigs from the pig pile have gone to their freezer homes.

We selected one of the gilts from the 2013 litter to hold back to breed.  Next spring there will be 2 litters available – we are growing!

Other news on the homestead that readers may be able to relate with:
Remodeling the farm house!  This is a major event such that we are moving out of the house to complete the project.  It also means that there will be little time for tending a garden this year.  I expect I will still plant a few tomatoes and melons, but everything will be squeezed into the perimeter beds with the perennials.  It also means an experiment with “tiny” living as we will be living in a 5th wheel and cab over camper. 

I took a butchery class –  and it was taught by a woman!   I whole side of pork is no longer intimidating, I learned some great knife skills and met some wonderful ladies who are all passionate about this food movement, reclaiming our pantries and larders.  The weekend following we processed a hog of our own.  It was very hard work, but it was wonderful to create the cuts and roasts exactly the way I wanted.  Thank you to the El Dorado Meat Collective for hosting, and Heather for instructing.  There are pics available at their FB page and their info is available at:

Drought continues here and there is little rain in the forecast, near term or long range.  We do not irrigate our pasture woodlands and by June they are typically dry.  That may happen even earlier this year, meaning the purchase of hay, which I expect to go up in price at a rate exceeding the last 2 years.
😦  Sad face – as this makes it very apparent that our system is not yet self sustainable enough to be insulated from such market forces.

2014 promises to be full of LIFE!

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