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Time is relentless.  If one doubts this, practice farming on any level.  Tomorrow always comes, then flows into yesterday with or with out direct participation from you.

Today is my favorite calendar day of the year, Winter Solstice + 1 = shortening nights and lengthening days and a return of the growing season!!!!

Yesterday one of our local nursery folks hosted their traditional solstice sale so I picked up more berries, blue berries and lingon berries.  Today I planted them in the berry patch.  I found a wonderful soil surprise!

The woody bed that has been piled with wood chips over the fall – and is now full of worms and worm castings!  The bed is covered with a hoop and cloth so is one of the warmest spaces in the garden.

We have not had rain, and the precipitation we did get was snow, so it has been cold and dry.  January is only a few days away now so I have watered and set up another bed with hoop and cloth in preparation of planting some very cool weather items in the coming weeks (greens, rooted veggies).

The livestock has dealt with the cold with resilience.  The pigs were double fed, and the goats came into the barn.  It was agreed that it was time for the goats to go.  They have found a new home as weed eaters on some local rangeland that has been overrun.  The buck will now have a small harem to care for, and no boars to fight with!

Wishing all a blessed Christmas and New Year!


Every once and a while we get the combination of cold and wet together from Alaska – and it snows!  That has happened for the first time in 4-5 years.  Working up to this weather event it had been very cold and dry.

Some cold weather mental images since I did not have my phone with me when the were observed:

Frozen eggs in nesting boxes
Pig piles – literally
A tent for an orange tree with (2) 4 watt lights to protect it from the cold
a dog sleeping by the fire
a dog in the pig pile
solar panels covered in snow


Stay warm!


This is not typical but does happen.  Bring in extra firewood and plan on staying on the farm!  A storm like this in 2008 knocked out the power for a week and motivated us to get off the grid.

Bundle up, extra calories for the critters, and drive safe if ya’ must go out……

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