My previous post about doing it all has had me considering what is it that I spend my time doing.

This is a really good example of how full my days really are, and why time away is so important.  This is a day where I did not go to my desk job.

Day clock start @ 6:30 am. Prepare kitchen for day of processing tuna from the freezer to glass jars for pantry storage to free up some space in the big freezer. Sort the laundry for an inventory of how how many loads to complete. Back to the kitchen to get tuna trimmed, sized, stuffed into jars and processed. I completed 3 batches and with prep, processing time, cool down time spent about 2.5 hours per batch. That was an ongoing effort all day. Also completed 4 loads of laundry – that includes hang on the line, pull off the line, fold and put away. Throughout the day there were numerous trips around the property to turn water on or off, feed critters, gather eggs, pull some weeds, eat some, prepare and consume 2 cups of coffee. The coffee cup likes to hide as I set it down then loose track of where I last had it.

Late in the afternoon after the 3rd batch of tuna was cooling in the pressure canner my husband burst into the house with one simple statement “there is a coyote in the orchard”…..That was all he had to say. There is a pair of beautiful domestic geese with a nest there. Well, there was. The coyote was dispatched. It was too late for the male goose and the female was in bad shape. Her nest was quite disrupted and some of the eggs had been damaged. This made it possible to tell that at least that one was not fertile. The mother goose was moved to the nursery where her “fertile” eggs were returned to her and she could recover from her wounds. This is the second time the coyote has gotten the geese so we are no longer pursuing having geese as part of the homestead. We do not know yet what to do with our mother goose and much will depend on her recovery.

That excitement had interrupted dinner. So after dinner which had been delayed until after 8 we were considering if there was anything else that had to be completed before we could go to bed. At that point we sat down and turned on Netflix