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Tonight we have some family visiting and the meal is all from the homestead, well, almost!

The green beans are the last of those I put up last year, and have to admit they came from the grocery when they were 33 cents/lb and the deal was just to good to pass up.  My garden did not produce enough beans last year to process so I did resort to a bulk in season buy and they taste just as good as mine.  We think that has mostly to do with the glass jar instead of a can.

The pork roast is from one of our pigs, and the potatoes are Reds out of this year’s garden.  The potatoes are coming on good and plentiful so we will be eating those instead of bread with most breakfasts and suppers.

I had originally thought to take the picture right before presenting the roast to the table, but then considered my guests my be appalled at my insistence that supper be delayed so I could take a picture for the homestead’s blog. 

This meal is also reminding me that I need not be envious of those who are already harvesting cucumbers and tomatoes, we have enough and our plenty is just different.


The Knee wins, the rest looses!

Oh my I knew health was everything, but wow does having a knee injury impede one’s efforts!  The back yard has been overrun with weeds, the orchard needs tending, the garden and other vegetable plantings are still alive, but there is no progress made on anything.  In general it is a very frustrating experience to have to spend $$$ on a house keeper, only manage one load of laundry a day, and sitting is now required after cooking dinner. 

To be completely honest I have fully realized that I do not want to live on this much farm when I am older and all the injuries of my youth come back around as constant companions.  I believe I understand my Mamma’s odd gate and the noise her knees made getting up out of a vegetable bed. 

I plan to shift my focus to those activities not so physically uncomfortable.  One example is to further develop the space immediately around the house  where the walking distance to tend is much less. This is Zone 1 space in permaculture, which has been ignored due to planned remodeling and the depressingly low quality of the dirt.  I will not even call it soil at this point. 

If anyone has suggestions for “lazy gardening” I would love to hear them!

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