This morning some our critters left the farm for a new home – 3 llamas have headed south, leaving pigs and goats remaining in the pasture.  While loading them into the trailer I suffered a knee injury – one of those where one step is fine and the next isn’t.  My knee just didn’t work right anymore so I was of no help after that.

Dr says it is a strained ligament and rest, keep weight off it, and it will heal… to do that when all the chores on the homestead require at a minimum walking somewhere?

Anything that limits physical motion is a multiplier for time and effort.  Be careful on the farm – I was blessed that so many people were with me when it happened and I could be helped off the ground, out of the catch pen.  I am  also fortunate not to be doing this alone, my family does help.

In the weeks to come I expect my knee to heal, but it will be vulnerable.  And pigs are knee height so I will not be doing the pig chores myself anytime soon!


Status update July 2013 – 2 surgeries are in my future, healing did not really happen as the true damage is torn ACL and torn meniscus.  Accepting that the summer will not be filled with preserving fruit and veggies as I cannot stand at the stove or counter for long enough to process the harvest.  Sad farmer……