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One of the questions I often get is “how do you do it all?” – and of course the answer is “I don’t!”

In the spring the chores are many and physically demanding.  Planting requires bending over and digging, and there is no way to do little bits because so many of the plant varieties share planting times.

So this weekend Saturday was spent planting starts from the nursery – I direct sow seeds when I can, but every year I get starts from the nursery to jump start some I have trouble with seeds.  This year the starts were strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and some flowers.



The orchard is ready to be thinned, already the apples are developing.




Welcome BredSow to Twin Springs Homestead!  She is already bred and will be in quarantine for a bit before released out to the pasture to meet Gentleman Jack and the rest of the critters.  My son is her favorite person so far so he will get to name her.

My son accompanied me on an overnight road trip  up north to retrieve her, and he was quite helpful when it came to loading her into the trailer.

Her “pig” date is estimated to be in early June, but that is just a guess as the exact breeding dates are not known.  She is a Tamworth and we are looking forward to breeding her to Jack later in the year for some Large Black x Tamworth pigs for the freezer. This coming litter will be crosses with Berkshire or Red Wattle, or could be straight Tamworth…..yes there were that many options.

This is the next installment of  Pig / Pork Production.  Future installments will be piglets!

Today I prepared a rabbit from the butcher for dinner.  If it turns out we like rabbit, we may add some to the critter collection.


1 rabbit, parted out
celery stalks
lemon, some slices and squeezed juice
salt pepper and some sauteed spring onions

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