August has arrived in all the normal glory, hot -dry – dusty.  The garden & orchard here on the homestead have suffered from the heat wave.  Though it has not been as miserable as those souls in the midwest are enduring, we are experiencing same outcomes – wilted and withered flora, lethargic critters, and hours spent irrigating.  Thankfully we have a great well and irrigation is possible.

The critter chores get more time consuming as it is not longer just feed and head count, but now includes wallow management.  All of them have access to some such cool spot, with either a true wallow or a mister.  The dogs even have a wading pool in the yard – dog wallow!  I have tried to get pictures a few times and in each instance the critter jumps up and comes over to see what I am doing, just not understanding that I was trying to get a picture of them over there, not over here.

School has begun locally and each district seems to have a different start date.  Our son is looking forward to returning to school – so much easier than working on the homestead or in dad’s shop! 

August is the beginning of the harvest.  So far watermelon, plum butter, plum chutney from some trees at a friends house, and blackberries from the fence line along the driveway.  A recent tuna trip stocked a freezer shelf with 44 tuna loins. Tomatoes are up next!

From the porch and hiding from the heat,

The homestead cowgirl