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It is pouring rain howling wind, gray and stormy…… and I get an IM from a co worker that there are a pile of kittens under a sparse bush in the landscape behind the building.  It was clearly implied that being the farm girl I was expected to do something about it.  I start asking questions…. when were they found? the day before and no one has seen mom come by….who has been checking on them?  several people when they walk by, and one person has got a window view…. OK – I will  do something.  At this point I am thinking that least I have goats in milk at home, and there is no way there is going to be a vet involved.

Another co worker provides the  umbrella, I grab a box and the blanket out of my drawer and out into the storm we go.  In the mean time a blanket has been draped over the shrub.  Unto the box they go, and though their bellies feel full, they are truly  dripping mud.  The forecast is for more wind, more rain, and colder temps – so better to have taken them or left them for the storm?  I dunno…..

Still no sign of momma kitty, though she has a reputation of 3 litters a year and our employer is NOT OK with anyone trapping the feral cats.

Home they come to a fascinated dog, a bemused but tolerant husband, and teenager who is horrified with the idea of another chore. 

In the beginning there were five, and now down to three.  With help from my own mom who is taking the weekday shift they are growing and eyes have started to open.  In three weeks off to forever homes as NONE of them are staying on our farm.

Was this a good deed?


On a wet cold spring day in March I wanted a warm house and comforting food. Homestead style – that means simple and yummy!
I processes a vat of chicken and pheasant into stock for soups, transformed the brown bananas into muffins, and madeskillet corn bread with fresh bacon squeezens and fresh goat milk, with a pot of goat meat and the last of my tomatoes bubbling into chili.


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